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Thank you for choosing  to serve with God Life Church (GLC). Our volunteers help the church fulfill her mission, vision, and values, keeping Christ at the centre of it all. We believe that your unique ideas, abilities, gifts and talents will be beneficial to all of us. Yes, serving the Lord in the church requires a donation of your time and you may need training, but we are here to make things easy for you, providing all the support you need. We generally encourage volunteers to only take on as much as they can handle. You are of tremendous value to God and to the church. Let’s work together and shine for our the world to see.

Detailed below are the steps to becoming a GLC Volunteer

Please Submit the Form Below to Register Your Interest

Volunteer Form

Which team(s) would you like to serve on?


Fill out volunteer form below

To find out more about a particular role, click on the team on the volunteer form and click continue.


Background Check

Once you complete your volunteer form, if working with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults, you will receive a “Next Steps” email from us that requests you authorize us to run a background check on you. This is an important part of our volunteer onboarding and child safety program. It helps us place the right volunteers in the right places around the church


In the “Next Steps” email, you will also be asked to register for a volunteer interview. This interview allows us to get to know you better and is also an important part of our volunteer onboarding process. We have lots of days and times, in person and on Zoom, for your convenience.

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