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About God Life Church

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Hello, we are Victor and Idira Maxwell, pastors of God Life Church. We are committed to teaching believers how to live in reality of God’s Word and blessing, inspired by their Christian walk, growing in faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ with the demonstrations of God's power and Spirit. 


It is our privilege to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.​ Over the years, we have delivered Bible-based teachings about faith, hope, love, wisdom, healing, prosperity, righteousness, and the principles for a victorious Christian life.

We are in the process of seeing a great move of God's Spirit around the world. It is ever so important for believers to grow into the fulness of God, filling their world with the fragrance of His Glory; divinity at work in humanity.  It's time to arise from the ordinary life and become all that Jesus died for us to be. Arise to the glorious life made available to you in Christ Jesus.


As the coming of the Lord Jesus draws near, it is imperative for us to do more for the Kingdom than ever before. We are determined to spread the love of Jesus and the message of faith in the simplest ways possible, bringing healing to  a hurting world.

Dr. Idira and Pastor Victor Maxwell

Join us this Sunday

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